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—What would you like to be when you grow up?  —     host like Zhu Jun.

A.A B.An C.The D./
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The number of the foreigners living in Jurong is growing fast       it is a small city.

A.if B.although C.because D.unless
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new type of table doesn’t       too much space and it can be carried easily.

A.take up B.look up C.get up D.mop up
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—Oh, you sound just like an American. —     I still have trouble expressing myself.

A.Yes, you’re right.
B.Well, not quite like that.
C.I don’t mind.
D.You’re welcome.
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The criminal is guilty       the robbery. He is charged       robbing the bank.

A.with; of B.of; with
C.for; of D.of; for
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There are many stone lions on       of the 17-hole bridge across the lake.

A.every side B.both side
C.all sides D.each side
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I really like the photo of my family       my sister took in Chongming Park last spring.

A.what B.when C.which D.who
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    is very important and action should be taken to keep mountain climbers      .

A.Safe; safety B.Safety; safely
C.Safety; safe D.Safe; safely
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I gave up the violin lessons because I’ve so much homework to do, but it’s       my own wishes.

A.against B.on C.in D.For
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—I don’t like horror films. They are terrible.
     They seem to be full of mysteries, but in fact, they’re quite stupid.

A.Neither do I. B.Neither I do.
C.So do I. D.So I do.
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I went into a supermarket to pick some vegetables, when a young man asked me, “Can you tell me where the milk counter (柜台) is? ”
“Well, the milk is in the lower right corner,” I replied.
Picking up my things, I finally came to the milk counter where I met the same man   ________   almost 10 bottles of milk.
I asked, “Do you need a basket or a trolley?”
“Sure,thank you.” He answered.
I was  ________ he was still picking more bottles and after a few minutes his trolley had 24 bottles of milk.

I laughed and asked, “Why so many bottles?”
He smiled and said, “These are for my street dogs. Today, I want to be a Sant________ them.”
I said, “Well, it’s too   ________  for you to be a Santa. It is still June and Christmas comes in December.”
He ________  at me and walked a few steps, as if he wanted to say something but he left the counter without saying anything.
________ , we met again at the bread counter.
“So these bread and cakes are also for the street dogs, Mr. Santa.”
He smiled and said, “Yes, these are also for the dogs and I love to be Mr. Santa in the month of June, Santa is a representation (象征) of surprises and  ________  . Santa comes in December as we  ________  him around Christmas. But in real life there is a Santa in each one of us that shines through our personality at some point of time, no matter which month it is. Maybe when you offered help to me by getting me a trolley, there was a hidden Santa in you. When we offer food to a poor man or a(n) ________   to someone who is caught in the rain, we are being Santa there. So when you offer help to others or get help from others, just think that Santa has come all the way for you.”
He left and I was happy that I had met him. It was right to understand that Santa can come before Christmas. We just need to realize that he is around us by  ________   happiness and unconditional love.

A.putting B.holding C.choosing D.bringing

A.surprised B.excited C.angry D.sad

A.of B.on C.for D.by

A.easy B.important C.helpful D.early

A.pointed B.turned C.shouted D.laughed

A.Suddenly B.Luckily C.Hopefully D.Naturally

A.friendship B.hope C.love D.honor

A.call B.show C.invite D.expect

A.camera B.umbrella C.apple D.box

A.storing B.facing C.increasing D.spreading
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news! For the coming film festival, there are some promotions(优惠)in Times Cinema. This festival lasts seven days, from Saturday, June 20th, 2015 to Friday, June 26th, 2015. Here is the poster.


(50% off for students )
June 20
June 22
June 24
June 21
June 22
June 25
June 21
June 22
June 26
June 20
June 23
June 24
9: 00 am.
4: 30 pm.
8: 20 pm.
10: 00 am.
7:10 pm.
9: 30 pm.
9: 20 am.
3: 10 pm.
5: 30 pm.
7: 50 am.
9: 50 am.
11: 50 am.
◆50% off on Tuesday for all
◆Free for children under 6 years old
◆A free bottle of soft drink for students with student ID during the film festival
For more details, please call us on 87281840.

You can find the following information in the poster except      .

A.the price of films
B.the time of the film festival
C.the place of the cinema
D.the phone number of the cinema

If you want to watch Toy Story 4 with your father and your five-year-old brother, you need to pay    .

A.¥240 B.¥160 C.¥120 D.¥80

When can you watch the film with 50% off?

A.On June 20th. B.On June 24th.
C.On June 26th. D.On June 23rd.
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Sam really felt very happy. When he arrived at his seat in the classroom that morning, he found an invitation on his desk. It was from several of his classmates asking him to join them on a camping trip. This was the first time he was asked to join in an out-of-school activity.
Why were they asking him now? Nobody seemed to like him. In fact, he had been so lonely that he ate a lot of food. As a result, he put on a lot of weight, and this gave the kids something more to make fun of him.
Cindy, who was standing near Sam when Sam read the invitation, went out quickly to tell the others that the trick had worked. Everyone was pleased that Sam thought that was true, but there was no camping trip. The whole thing was made up(编造).
At first, Cindy thought it was fun. But later, when Sam told her that he was going to buy a sleeping bag with his savings, Cindy had second thoughts. She knew that Sam’s family had little money, and she hated to see him spend his savings(积蓄) on something he would never use, Cindy also hated to tell Sam the truth. Her close friends would be angry with her.
What can she do now?
What was Sam’s real problem?

A.He was lazy. B.He was impolite.
C.He was lonely. D.He was slow in study.

What do the words "the trick had worked" probably mean?

A.Sam had believed it.
B.Cindy had helped Sam.
C.Cindy had told Sam about the truth.
D.Sam had bought something for the trip.

From the text, we can learn that Cindy is      .

A.a little clever B.very kind
C.quite helpful D.hard-working
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Canada is well-known for its winter lifestyle, for the season lasts half the year there. A great example of this is the Quebec Winter Carnival(嘉年华). Quebec is an old city with beautiful historic building, and many think that winter is the best time to visit. The city comes alive in the snow, especially during the winter festival. People who visit the cold city can find tons of things to do that will make winter seem perfect.
The Carnival has a magical ice palace made with 9,000 tons of snow, a boat race on the St. Lawrence River, and two night parades with funny people and colorful cars. Other interesting things include a 122-meter ice slide, and a large football game. There is also an exciting dogsled race that runs through six kilometers of the city streets. With more than 20 teams in the game, the dogsled race is noisy, fun and full of great cheer. Even better, artists from around the world come to take part in the snow sculpture (雕塑) competition. It is amazing how these artists can bring snow to life. The Quebec Winter Carnival has everything for the whole family and more. It is surely a great way to experience winter.
Another well-known winter festival is on the other side of the world in China. Known as the City of Ice, Harbin is the capital city of Heilongjiang Province. In the winter, it is very cold, and temperatures there can drop to 30℃ below zero. Even so, the cold weather makes the city the right place for the Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival. The festival is held every year.

Which season do many people think is the best time to visit Quebec?

A.spring B.summer C.autumn D.winter

The Quebec Winter Carnival includes      .
①a dogsled race    ②a winter swimming    ③two night parades
④a snow fight     ⑤a boat race

A.①②③ B.①③⑤ C.②③④ D.③④⑤

Which of the following is TRUE about Harbin?

A.It is in Northern China, next to Quebec.
B.It’s well-known for its four seasons.
C.It is known as the City of Ice.
D.It holds an exciting festival every month.

What will the writer probably write about in the next part of the article?

A.the Quebec Winter Carnival
B.the introduction of Heilongjiang Province
C.the Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival
D.the snow sculpture competition in Quebec
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In 2004, three young men went to a dinner party in San Francisco. Afterwards they wanted to share a video from the party with their friends. They wanted to send it over the Internet. But at the time, the process of sharing videos that way was difficult. Using e-mail did not work and the friends complained that there was no website to help them. So they created their own. They called their website YouTube. It made sharing videos easy, so the website soon became very popular. People watched 2,500 million videos in the first six months!
Today, more than 70,000 new videos go up on YouTube each day. People watch more than 1,000 million videos a day. Many last no more than 10 minutes. These videos show all kinds of things, from sleeping cats to earthquakes. Most of the filmmakers are not professionals(专业人士). They are just everyday people making videos, and they use the website in many interesting ways.
First, many people use YouTube to entertain others. One example is Judson Laipply. He made a funny dance video and put it on YouTube in 2006. People watched the video more than 10 million times in the first two weeks. Now people stop Judson on the street to ask, "Are you the dance guy on YouTube?" Some people have invited him to dance at their parties. A few women even asked to marry him. Judson wants to make more dance videos, and people look forward to seeing them.
Other people use YouTube to advertise a business. David Taub does this. He is a guitar teacher and he sells videos of guitar lessons on his own website. He wanted to increase his business, so he put short videos with free lessons on YouTube. People enjoyed watching the lessons on YouTube, and afterwards, many decided to go to David’s own website. Now David sells hundreds of guitar lesson videos each week.
People also use YouTube to help others. Ryan Fitzgerald is one example. Ryan is friendly young man who knows that some people are lonely and have no one to talk to. One day, he made a video of himself for YouTube. In the video, he gave his phone number and invited people to call him. In a week, he had more than 5,000 calls and messages from all over the world. These days, he is very busy talking on the phone. He helps people, but mostly, he just listens, like a friend.
Finally, some filmmakers use YouTube in a more serious way. They want to tell people about important events happening in the world. For example, they show clips(片段) of videos from countries at war, or they show people in need of help after a storm. Sometimes TV news shows do not give enough information about these events. Thanks to YouTube filmmakers, people can go to their computers and learn more.
For many people, YouTube is more than just another website to visit. It is a way to communicate with others. More and more people are using it every day, and they will probably find even more ways to use it.

From the first paragraph of the passage, we know three young men      .

A.set up a new website YouTube
B.sent a video by using the e-mail
C.shared a video right at a dinner party
D.became very popular in a few months

Which of the following is NOT true about YouTube?

A.YouTube makes sharing videos easy.
B.Over 70,000 filmmakers are not professionals.
C.Many videos on YouTube are short.
D.Most of the filmmakers are just everyday people.

Judson Laipply became popular      .

A.only because he was a good dancer
B.after he put his funny dance video on YouTube
C.because he wanted to make more dance videos for the website
D.because people watched all kinds of videos 10 million times a week

YouTube is used by David Taub      .

A.to sell his guitars
B.to start his new business
C.to set up his own website
D.to advertise his business

Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage?

A.People use the website YouTube to entertain others, or help others.
B.YouTube gives people a place to put videos so they can share or enjoy different shows.
C.Most of new videos made by professionals go up on YouTube every day.
D.For many people, YouTube is not only just a website to visit but also a way to communicate with others.
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—What do you do with your      (tidy) bedroom?  —I always ask Mum to clean it.
Sometimes teenagers talk loudly in class so that they can catch      (we) attention.
Words can’t describe the      (beautiful) of Mount Huang in Anhui Province.
I mean that nobody else is      (wealth) than you in the world.
We should try our best to      (service) the people when we grow up.

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She has never made so many      (错误) in answering such easy questions.
With the      (发展) of modern medicine, more and more diseases can be cured.
I don’t like      (两者之一) of the shopping bags because both of them are too large.
APEC(亚太经合组织) is a big organization of      (亚洲的) countries and regions.
Our school      (取消) many old rules last week. It makes us students excited.

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My friend hasnothing     (do)with the fact that my car’s missing.
—They all say that they’re not guilty. Who do you think is not telling the truth?
—I guess Miss Li      (lie).
Get along well with your friends instead of      (guard) against any possible argument.
The three men were seen      (break) into the Agricultural Bank of China last Thursday night.
—The newspaper says all the museums will be open for free soon. Do you know that?
— Yes. But the local government      (not confirm) it. Let’s just wait and see.

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根据短文内容及所给首字母提示写出所缺单词, 并将完整单词写在答题卡对应位置。
Li Lianjie is my favorite movie star. He is one of the most f     kung fu stars in the world. He was born in Beijing on April 26th, 1963. He had put all his e   into kung fu training before e   the film industry. In 1982 he played the l   role in the film Shaolin Temple when he was l     than 20. It brought him a great s  . From then on, he became a kung fu actor. Li’s first role in a Hollywood film was as a bad guy in Lethal Weapon (1998), and later he was a main character as Han Sing in Romeo Must Die (2000). He has gone on to star in many Hollywood a     films. He is good at acting and loves his c   very much. He has d  all his time to Chinese kung fu. He is c   as a talented actor. And I like to see his films best.

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Many of us have ever loved the two toy bears—a brown Teddy bear and a yellow Winnie-the-Pooh bear. The two toy bears come from real stories in life.
In 1902, Theodore Roosevelt, President of the USA, went on hunting. The hunting dogs found an old bear in the forest near Washington D.C. and the guide asked the president to shoot it. But President Roosevelt disagreed. A cartoonist (漫画家) drew a cartoon showing that the president refused to shoot the bear. Soon, the bear began to appear in other newspapers. People named the bear Teddy which was Theodore’s nickname (昵称).
In 1913, a captain named Harry Cole bourn paid 20 dollars for a black bear which was born in the Canadian country side. The captain’s hometown, Winnipeg, was the origin (起源) of the bear’s name. In Winnipeg, Winnie served as the mascot (吉祥物). When World War I began, the captain went to France. Winnie was sent to London Zoo which many kids often visited. Because of its lovely look, the bear became popular with children.

The Stories about the Two Real   
Appearing Time
11 years       than Winnie
In 1913
Birth Place

Origin of the Name
Teddy, the nickname of
President Theodore Roosevelt
Winnipeg, the      of
Captain Harry Cole bourn
Reason for Being Popular
A cartoon showing that the president didn’t       with the idea of shooting the bear
The lovely look attracting the attention of children who often went to London Zoo
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习近平主席说过:“有梦想,有机会,有奋斗,一切美好的东西都能够创造出来。”请以 “My Dream” 为题写一篇英语演讲稿。要点如下:

3. 希望让自己的生活更有意义

要求:1. 必须包含表格内所有要点,可适当发挥;
2. 表述清晰,意思连贯,卷面整洁,书写规范;
3. 不少于90词(演讲稿的开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数)。
Dear teachers and friends,
I’m happy to be here to share my dream with you.
That’s all for my speech. Thanks for listening.

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