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I would rather read the novel again than see the movie in the cinema, for the latter can hardly be ________ to the original work.

A.contradictory B.permanent C.contemporary D.faithful
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–We should use      methods to deal with different incidents. You know, anything can happen in that situation.
–I got it. Thank you for reminding me.

A.flexible B.typical C.positive D.specific
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After the doctor told her everything, Jenny was in a       as to whether to tell her friends the truth about her condition or not.

A.commitment B.dilemma C.panic D.judgment
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Sometimes we should      roles so that we can understand each other’s difficulties, thus promoting our cooperation.

A.occupy B.imitate C.assess D.switch
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Hannah was busy with work then but she still tried her best to       some time from her tight schedule to visit her mother.

A.cut out B.squeeze out C.leave out D.dig out
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He devoted himself entirely to his research into viruses and it earned him a good _________in his field.

A.impression B.attraction C.contribution D.reputation
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Time was passing and we were getting       because we would have to spend the night in the cave if no one came to the rescue.

A.awkward B.blank C.desperate D.breathless
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The man to whom we handed the forms pointed out that we had not _________ filled in.

A.regularly B.properly C.eventually D.enthusiastically
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I was nearly exhausted from preparing my experiment report last night so I took a hot bath to         myself.

A.behave B.transform C.present D.refresh
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I don’t      your idea of sending your daughter to Britain to study, because she is too young to take care of herself.

A.adjust to B.refer to C.subscribe to D.appeal to
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I was shopping at my local supermarket, as I normally have for years. One particular day, I had done about 2 weeks worth of shopping and  31  toward the register to pay for what I bought. After the cashier had scanned my items and I had bagged them up, she stated that the  32  was $150.
I   33  into my back right pocket to take the money to pay and noticed that there was no money there.  I started to get  34 .  I knew my purse was in the car and I was sure I had put the  35  in my back right pocket. I looked at the cashier with wet eyes and a  36 look not knowing what to do.  There were people behind me on the line. She told me to speak with the courtesy counter (爱心柜台).  I  37  and said, “Really? It's  38 , no one would hand that in!”  But she  39   me to. “You never know…” she said.
I decided that there was no  40  in checking so I walked up to a woman behind the counter and said “I have to ask, did anyone  41  cash by any chance?” She asked “How much?” My face then  42 .  “$200 in the form of one hundred dollar bills.” I replied.  She said, “ 43 , yes, someone did!” I was so  44 ! “Who? I want to thank her.”  She pointed to a young girl about 10 years old and said, “She did.”
I walked over to the mom and hugged her. She said, “It wasn't me, it was my    45 ” .  I said “I know, I wanted to thank you both,  46  she found it ... it's because of you that I got this back.” I was so happy. I was almost in tears. 
The next day at work, a person in another department  47  me tickets to the circus.  He handed me 5 tickets. Almost  48  that young girl’s face popped (突然出现) in my head.  After work I went back to the supermarket and stopped at the courtesy counter and asked if she had any idea who that woman was. She smiled and said, “Yes, She is a friend of mine”.  Then I asked her to do me a favor and pass along these 5 tickets to her.
She told me that the family of the little girl who found my money were not rich so they would really  49  this.  She also said that they had 3 children, so five was the   50  number of tickets!  

A.showed B.retired C.hesitated D.headed

A.percentage B.product C.total D.luggage

A.reached B.searched C.checked D.looked

A.particular B.curious C.nervous D.serious

A.card B.money C.purse D.goods

A.shocked B.moved C.inspired D.confused

A.laughed B.screamed C.shouted D.blamed

A.reality B.evidence C.cash D.truth

A.forced B.encouraged C.discouraged D.promised

A.doubt B.need C.expense D.harm

A.work out B.hand in C.send for D.take away

A.broke up B.burst out C.send off D.lit up

A.Eventually B.Actually C.Finally D.Unfortunately

A.interested B.worried C.surprised D.absorbed

A.daughter B.husband C.mother D.friend

A.because B.although C.however D.besides

A.lent B.borrowed C.produced D.offered

A.simply B.constantly C.immediately D.previously

A.reject B.buy C.ignore D.appreciate

A.unique B.perfect C.official D.typical

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Thirty years ago not many people would have dreamed of doing the repairs and decorations in their own homes. In those days labor was fairly cheap and most people would have thought it worthwhile to employ a professional painter and decorator, unless of course they were either very hand up or were in the trade themselves.
Today, however, it is quite a different story. Men and women in all walks of life turn their hands to all sorts of jobs round the house including painting, papering, putting up shelves and wall units, and tiling walls and floors. Some people with no professional training of any kind have even successfully built their own houses. These jobs have been made easier today by the introduction of prepared materials, which require the minimum amount of skill to use. In every high street throughout Britain nowadays there is at least one “Do-It-Yourself” shop containing a vast range of timber, tiles, paints, wallpapers and floor coverings besides tools of every description including power drills and many accessories. “Do-It-Yourself” is a booming business; all these shops do a roaring trade and look like continuing to do so. Probably the main reason for the craze is the high cost of present-day labor and the shortage of building firms willing to do small jobs.
Why did people employ professional workers to decorate homes thirty years ago?

A.Because they could not do it themselves.
B.Because professional workers were very cheap.
C.Because they had no time.
D.Because professional workers could do much better.

Thirty years later what changes took place?

A.People could do everything themselves.
B.Few people chose to be a professional worker.
C.People with no professional training successfully built their own houses.
D.New expensive materials required no skills at all.

What caused the DIY craze?

A.Young people liked to follow the fashion.
B.“Do-It-Yourself” is a booming business.
C.There were fewer building companies.
D.High cost of professional workers.

What is the speaker telling us ?

A.How DIY comes into being. B.Changes in building.
C.Changes in housing. D.Great changes in these thirty years.
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Kindergarten outside? Yes, indeed. It’s part of a growing worldwide trend toward outdoor education. The schools are called forest kindergartens.
The numbers are small so far in the U.S., but the idea is well established in Europe, with schools in Scotland, England, and Switzerland. By far the most such schools are in Germany, which has more than 400 forest kindergartens.
Some schools feature several hours of outdoor schooling. This is certainly the case with the Waldorf School of Saratoga Springs. Children there will be venturing out on the nearby Hemlock Trail to learn more about the natural world. Some lessons are focused on nature; others are academic topics delivered in a natural setting. In all cases, students are active-not sitting at desks or on mats on the floor but walking, running, jumping, solving problems like how to get the mud off the bottoms of their shoes before their parents find out.
Seriously, the focus is on activity at these schools. Studies have shown that children’s immune systems actually get stronger after all of the outdoor activity, and that graduates of forest kindergartens show a higher ability to learn when they progress through their academic careers.
Other schools are all outdoors, all the time. This is the case with the Cedar Song Nature School, on Vashon Island, Washington. Students at this school spend their whole three–hour day outdoors, in a private five-acre forest, doing all kinds of physical activities.
At these forest kindergartens, students learn science by observing and doing it, learn math by applying it to the natural world around them, learn letters and words by putting them together using sights and sounds. These students learn how to get along with one another, individually and in a group. They also develop healthy levels of self-confidence.
Nowadays many children become obese(肥胖的) because of sedentary(久坐的) activities like watching television and playing video games. These outdoor schools give children chances to learn just as much, if not more, from opening their eyes to the real world around them.
What do we know about forest kindergartens?

A.The first one was created in England. B.They are very popular in Germany.
C.There are 400 all over the world. D.Their number is huge in the U.S.

What is special about forest kindergartens?

A.Kids learn more than those at ordinary kindergartens.
B.Students go outside when weather permits.
C.They value activity very much.
D.They are situated in forests.

The main difference between the Waldorf School and Cedar Song Nature School lies in______.

A.the subjects B.the activities
C.the outdoor time D.the teaching methods

Which of the following would be the best title for the text?

A.Get close to nature B.A new trend of education
C.Forest kindergartens are popular D.Outdoor education benefits kids a lot
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Everyone has good days and bad days.
Sometimes, you feel as if you’re on top of the world and all the questions on your maths test might seem easy. But occasionally you feel horrible, and you lose things and cannot focus on our schoolwork.
For more than 20 years, scientists have suggested that high self-esteem(自尊) is the key to success.Now, new research shows that focusing just on building self-esteem may not be helpful. In some cases, having high self-esteem can make people less likeable or more upset when they fail in something.
“Forget about self-esteem,” says Jennifer Crocker, a psychologist at the University of Michigan, US. “It’s not the important thing.”
Feeling good
Crocker’s advice may sound a bit strange. After all, feeling good can be good for you.Studies show that people with high self-esteem are less likely to be depressed, anxious, shy, or lonely than those with low self-esteem.
However, after reviewing about 18,000 studies on self-esteem, Roy Baumeister, a psychologist at Florida State University, has found that building up your self-esteem will not necessarily make you a better person.
He believes that violent people often have the highest self-esteem of all. He also said:“ There’s no evidence that kids with high self-esteem do better in school.”
All types of people have problems. People with high self-esteem can have big egos(自我) that can make them less likeable, said Kathleen Vohs, a psychology professor at Columbia University.People with high self-esteem tend to think more of themselves, VOhs says. People with low self-esteem are more likely to rely on their friends when they need help.
What to do
Researchers say it is best to listen to and support other people. Find positive ways to contribute to society. If you fail in something, try to learn from the experience. “The best therapy(药方) is to recognize your faults,” Vohs says. “It’s OK to say, ‘I’ m not so good at that,’ and then move on.”
What does the underlined part “on top of the world” in Paragraph 2 probably mean?

A.Quite helpful. B.Extremely happy. C.Very unlucky. D.Rather upset.

The conclusion drawn from the new research shows that high self-esteem_____.

A.is not important at all B.makes people more likeable
C.may not be the key to success D.helps you do better at school

Which of the following is TRUE according to Vohs?

A.Feeling good doesn’t mean you lead a happy life.
B.People with high self-esteem always seek others’ help.
C.People with high self-esteem tend to be selfish.
D.People with low self-esteem are often more popular.

We can infer from the text that the best therapy mentioned in the last paragraph is mainly for people_____.

A.with high self-esteem B.with low self-esteem
C.who contribute significantly to society D.who are in need of support
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It was a Sunday and the heavy storm had lasted all night. The morning after the storm, though, was beautiful: blue skies, warm air and a calm, inviting sea touching the shore gently.
My father realized it was a good day for fishing and invited my sister and me to go with him. I was only 14 and fishing had never been my thing, but I decided to go all the same. I’m so glad I did.
On the road to the harbour we could see the terrible destruction on the coast, but the harbour itself was in fairly good shape. After all, it was protected by the arms of a bay that only one tiny channel to the sea. As we got on board, we noticed two big humps(脊背)in the distance.
On approaching them, we saw it was a mother whale with her baby. We couldn’t believe it—there aren’t any whale along the coast here. The storm must have driven them across the ocean into the bay, in which the still water was so badly polluted that nothing could survive.
The little baby whale actually as big as our boat was obviously stuck and could not move. The mother dived under the water and came up suddenly, making big whirlpools(漩涡)and waves. “She’s trying to help her baby, but on the wrong side,” my father said. At this point, my father moved our boat in a semicircle to the other side and, heading the boat towards the baby whale, pushed it gently. With several gentle pushes the big hump turned over and disappeared under water. Then it swam up right beside its mum. They struggled in their desperate attempts to escape but missed the exit and started heading in the wrong direction. We hurried up to the whales and tried to lead them towards the bay channel. Slowly, they let us lead them, sometimes rising from the water right beside us to breathe and to give us a trusting look with those huge eyes. Once they hit their first part of clean water flowing straight from the sea, the mum gave us a wave with her tail and off they swam into the distance.
In the excitement it had felt like only a few minutes, but we had been with those wonderful animals for almost an hour and a half. That was the simple and lasting beauty of the day. Nearly four decades later, I still look back fondly to that golden day at sea.
The author says “I’m so glad I did.”(in Para.2)because_______.

A.he witnessed the whole process of fishing
B.he enjoyed the beauty of the calm sea
C.he experienced the rescue of the whales
D.he spent the weekend with his family

The harbour survived the storm owing to ______.

A.the shape of the harbor B.the arms of one bay
C.the still water in the channel D.the long coast line

The mother whale failed to help her baby because _______.

A.she had stayed in the polluted water for too long
B.the whirlpools she had made were not big enough
C.she had no other whales around to turn for help
D.the waves pushed her baby in the wrong direction

What is the theme of the story?

A.Saving lives brings people a sense of happiness.
B.Fishing provides excitement for children.
C.It’s necessary to live in harmony with animals.
D.It’s vital to protect the environment.
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What Is a Boy?
Between the innocence of babyhood and the seriousness of manhood we find a delightful creature called a “boy”. Boys come in different sizes, weights, and colors, but all boys have the same belief: to enjoy every second of every minute of every hour of every day and to fill the air with noise until the adult males pack them off to bed at night.
Boys are found everywhere –on top of, under, inside of, climbing on, swinging from, running around, or jumping to. Mothers spoil them, little girls hate them, older sisters and brothers love them, and God protects them. A boy is TRUTH with dirt on its face, BEAUTY with a cut on its finger, WISDOM with chocalate in its hair, and the HOPE of the future with a snake in its pocket.
When you are busy, a boy is a trouble maker and a noise. When you want him to make a good impression, his brain turns to jelly or else he becomes a wild creature bent on destroying the world and himself with it.
A boy is a mixture – he has the stomach of a horse, the digestion (消化力) of stones and sand, the energy of an atomic bomb, the curiosity of a cat, the imagination of a superman, the shyness of a sweet girl, the brave nature of a bull, the violence of a firecracker, but when you ask him to make something, he has five thumbs (拇指) on each hand.
He likes ice cream, knives, saws, Christmas, comic books, woods, water (in its natural habitat), large animals, Dad, trains, Saturday mornings, and fire engines. He is not much for Sunday schools, company, schools, books without pictures, music lessons, neckties, barbers, girls, overcoats, adults, or bedtime.
Nobody else is so early to rise, or so late to supper. Nobody else gets so much fun out of trees, dogs, and breezes. Nobody else can put into one pocket a rusty knife, a half eaten apple, a three-feet rope, six cents and some unknown things.
A boy is a magical creature – he is your headache but when you come home at night with only shattered pieces of your hopes and dreams, he can mend them like new with two magic words, “Hi, Dad!”
The whole passage is in a tone(调子) of  _________.     

A.humor and love B.respect and harmony
C.ambition and expectation D.confidence and imagination

The underlined sentence “he has five thumbs on each hand” probably means______.

A.he has altogether five fingers B.he is slow, foolish and clumsy
C.he becomes clever and smart D.he cuts his hand with a knife

According to the writer, boys appreciate everything in the following except   ________.

A.ice cream B.comic books C.Saturday mornings D.Sunday schools

What does the writer feel about boys?

A.He feels curious about their noise. B.He is fed up with these creatures.
C.He is amazed by their naughtiness. D.He feels unsafe staying with them.
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Don’t be too rude to your father. Never in his life _______________ in that way up to now. (speak)
When his mother came home from work, he was lying on the sofa, ____________. (absorb)
________________ different languages and cultures does a lot of good to children. (expose)
I think that it is I rather than my sister _______________ for what happened. (blame)
Although house construction _________________, you can find many diverse styles in each country. (vary)
With ____________, the problem that they had worked on for a long time was eventually worked out. (adopt)
If he hadn’t hesitated for a moment before kicking the ball, he ______ a goal. (score)
Have you ever had a case____________ getting the wrong end of the stick? (accuse)
_________________ is that while I am concentrating on my study, my classmates make so much noise. (put)
_____________to you whether I like it or not, because you never listen to me. (difference)

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Creating a Green Campus. You should write at least 120 words following the outline given below:
1. 建设绿色校园很重要;
2. 绿色校园不仅指绿色的环境,还包括校园师生保护环境的文化素养……;
3. 为了建设绿色校园,我们应该……

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