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—You seem to be familiar with this city.
—I       here for three years.It's great to be back.

A.have lived B.lived C.had lived D.live
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Action, not talk was       she graded her students on.

A.that B.how C.what D.which
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He slowed the bleeding by      pressure to the wounds until the ambulance arrived.

A.assessing B.approving C.applying D.appointing
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—Was it by cutting down staff      are not diligent enough       she saved the firm?
—No, it was by improving work efficiency.

A.that; when B.that; what C.who; how D.who; that
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       to playing computer games, he is always absent from school.

A.Lost B.Addicted C.Buried D.Absorbed
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—What's the matter with John? He has been sitting there for hours.
—A postcard from his father        an attack of home - sickness in him.

A.took up B.set off C.brought in D.built up
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Though it's a challenging job,  he did it         it took me.

A.one-third a time B.one – third time
C.the one - third time D.one - third the time
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Some aspects of a pilot's job      be boring, and pilots often      work at inconvenient hours.

A.can ; have to B.may ; can
C.have to; may D.ought to; must
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—I see you got a "D" in biology._         ?
—Well, I found that subject hard. I think I'II drop it for history.

A.How about that B.What for
C.How come D.What's your next plan
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Liu Xiang's Olympic dreams were shattered(破灭)for      second time when he unfortunatelycrashed at           first barrier in the ll0m hurdles heats in London.

A.the; the B.a; a C.a; the D.the; a
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Do you know the        of the saying I just quoted?

A.resource B.cause C.course D.source
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—Does your father smoke?
         ,it's 2 years since he          

A.Yes; smoked B.No; smoked C.Yes; smokes D.No; has smoked
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Mr Black,          who we all admire, is a kind but strict teacher.

A.the one B.it C.one D.as
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The next day, the group of villagers had not gone very far        they entered a very narrow passage betweentwo mountains.

A.when B.while C.until D.after
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A short, thin woman,          past middle age, visited the manager and applied for the job.

A.highly B.much C.too D.well
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One dark stormy night an elderly couple hurried into a hotel and asked whether they could be  36  for the night." I’m very sorry,” the clerk on night shift said politely, "we are all  37   tonight.  38  ,you
could stay in my room if you don't mind.I’m  39  , so I'll be here.“ The young man gave the sincere advice.
The elderly couple accepted his  40  with gratitude.They apologized for the  41  they had caused him.The next day, the rain stopped and it  42  .When the old gentleman went to pay his bill, the same clerk said." The room you and your wife stayed in is not a proper  43   room in this hotel, so you don't need to pay.”
The old gentleman nodded in   44  :  “You are an employee that every boss in the hotel business would dream of.Perhaps someday I’ll build a hotel for you.”The clerk was__45  but, deciding that the
guest must have been  46  , he gave the remark  47  thought.
Two years later, the young man received a registered letter from the old gentleman, in which he 48  the experience of that dark stormy night.The letter also  49 a formal invitation, asking that young man to pay a visit.
At a street comer in Manhattan, the young man met his  50  guest.The old gentleman, pointing
to a magnificent new building__51  over the crossroads, said, "Look, that is the hotel I  52  to build for you.I hope you will  53  it for me.Remember what I said then? Well, I was  54   about it.”
The young man stammered, "But…will there be any  55  ,sir?  Why do you choose me? And who are you?"
“My name is William Aster.”This building was none other than the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, a symbol of supreme status and honor in New York.

A.put up B.put away C.stay up D.set up

A.preserved B.conserved C.booked D.occupied

A.Meanwhile B.Moreover C.Otherwise D.However

A.on duty B.on display C.on stage D.on hand

A.service B.view C.offer D.invitation

A.instruction B.consideration C.inconvenience D.interruption

A.cleared away B.picked out C.cleaned up D.cleared up

A.living B.double C.admirable D. luxury

A.appreciation B.admiration C.surprise D.excitement

A.excited B.skeptical C.annoyed D.respectful

A.lacking B.covering C.joking D.cheating

A.not more B.no more C.some D.another

A.described B.stated C.recited D.recalled

A.swapped B.included C.attached D.added

A.former B.original C.formal D.primitive

A.displaying B.towering C.flying D.climbing

A.determined B.promised C.tended D.intended

A.get B.keep C.manage D.make

A.sensitive B.concerned C.curious D.serious

A.scene B.situation C.condition D.occasion

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If there's a child in your house who likes pixies(精灵), nature, or magic, Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure is sure to be a hit. This beautifully animated film is a first class production in every way, and features the familiar voices of Kristin Chenoweth, Anjelica Huston, Jane Horrocks, Lucy Liu, and Raven Symone.The movie offers up an adventure that's easy enough to follow, but complex enough to hold one's
attention, and even throws in a nice little moral about friendship.What can I say? I'm pleasantly surprised.
The promising Mae Whitman voices Tinker Bell herself, a far more dynamic character than we met in Peter Pan.Though Tinker still possesses her fiery temper,  it doesn't manifest itself immediately,  and takes a backseat to this pixie's many good qualities. As it turns out, Tinker Bell is extremely skilled at tinkering (修补 ), so she is a natural choice to build a special scepter(拐杖),for Pixie Hollow's Autumn Celebration.The scepter will hold the moonstone through which the light of the Blue Moon will pass,  supplying Pixie Hollow with enough pixie dust for the year ahead.
For days, Tinkers works hard on the perfect scepter design while her good friend Terrence does his best to assist. When Terrence accidentally breaks the Moon Stone, Tinker Bell "explodes and sends him away.One of Tinker's more literal friends finds this extremely concerning, as she doesn't' quite understand
that the outburst was emotional rather than physical - very funny indeed.
After hearing the legend of the lost treasure, Tinker Bell strikes out on her own to find a new Moon Stone.She faces many difficulties and meets new friends along the way, but when Terrence comes to the rescue at Tinker's darkest hour, she realizes the value of a truly loyal friend. Though the film offers a positive message to young viewers, it's the animation that makes Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure stand out.Pixie Hollow is a charming, visually stunning world basked in lush colors.It's so lovely, so detailed, so
three - dimensional that you almost want to step inside.
From the first paragraph, we can learn that        

A.many famous actors acted important roles in the film
B.the plot of the film is attractive and easy to understand
C.the write feels surprised at the message of friendship in the film
D.the film Tinker Bill and the Lost Treasure may disappoint you if you love magic tales

The underlined word "manifest" in the second paragraph means "_       "

A.occur B.hide C.display D.contradict

What's the correct order of the following details?
a. Tinker Bell realizes the value of a truly loyal friend.
b.Terrence breaks the Moon Stone by accident.
c. Tinker Bell is determined to build a special scepter.
d. Terrence comes to the rescue when Tinkers was in trouble.

A.c b d a B.b.c d a C.b c a d D.c d a b

In the writer's opinion,  the characteristics of Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure are the following EXCEPT                 

A.the attractive details
B.the lively animation characters
C.the three - dimensional animation
D.the moving love story between Tinker Bell and Terrence.

The article picked from a website is a(n)         .

A.movie poster B.movie review
C.introduction to a book D.person introduction
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Riding School:
You can start horse - riding at any age. Choose private or group lessons any weekday between 9:00a.m.and 8: 30 p.m.(3: 30 p. m. on Saturdays).There are 10 kilometers of tracks and paths for leisurely rides across farmland and open country. You will need a riding hat.
Opening Hours:  Monday through Friday: 9:00 a.m.-8:30 p.m.
Phone: (412) 396 -6754 Fax: (412) 396 -6752         .
Sailing Club:
Our Young Sailor’s Course leads to the Stage I Sailing qualification.You'll learn how to sail safely and the course also covers sailing theory and first aid.Have fun with other course members, afterwards in the clubroom.There are 10 weeHy two - hour lessons ( Tuesdays 6 p.m.~8 p.m.).
Opening Hours:  Tuesdays: 6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.
Phone: (412) 396 -6644 Fax: (412) 396 -6644
Diving Centre:
Our experienced instructors offer one - month courses in deep - sea diving for beginners.There are two evening lessons a week, in which you learn to breathe underwater and use the equipment safely.You only need swimming costume and towel. Reduced rates for couples.
Opening Hours:  Monday and Friday: 6: 30 p.m.-8:30 p.m.
Phone: (412) 396 -6312 Fax: (412) 396 -6706
Medical Center:
The staff of the Medical Center aim to provide convenient and comprehensive medical care to students and staff of the university. The center is well equipped and the staff here are trained to deal with a broad range of medical problems. Both female and male doctors as well as nursing staff are available for consultation.Also, all kinds of medicines are sold here and are cheaper for students than other drugstores.
Opening Hours: 24 hour from Monday to Sunday
Phone: (412) 396 -6649 Fax:(412)396 -6648
Watersports Club:
We use a two - kilometer length of river for speedboat racing, and water - skiing, a beginners course consists of ten 20 - minute lessons. You will learn to handle boats safely and confidently,  but must be able to swim. The club is in a convenient central position and is open daily from 9:00 a.m to 4: 00 p.m,
with lessons all through the day.
Opening Hours:  Mondny through Friday: 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
Phone:(412)396 -6899 Fax:(412)396 -6890
If you want to swim and enjoy activities which are fast and a bit dangerous, you should join      

A.Watersports Club B.Medical Centre
C.Sailing Club D.Riding School

If you want to experience a new activity in the countryside in the mornings, you may fax        

A.(412)396 - 6648 B.( 412)396 - 6706
C.(412)396 - 6752 D.( 412)396 - 6876

K you are planning to explore the ocean depths. You should attend your lessons at      

A.24 hour from Monday to Sunday
B.Monday through Friday : 7:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m.
C.Tuesdays: 6:00 p.m.- 8:00 p.m.
D.Monday and Friday: 6: 30 p.m.- 8: 30 p.m.

You want to do an activity one evening a week and get a certificate in the end, you can go to      

A.Watersports Club. B.Diving Center
C.Sailing Club D.Riding School

Which is NOT the convenience that the Medical Center provides?

A.Good equipment. B.Well trained staff members.
C.Various less expensive medicines. D.Nursery for newly - born babies.
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According to a study by SallieMae, 84 percent of undergraduate students have credit cards, and by the time they are seniors, they have accumulated US $ 4,100 in debt, on top of whatever student loans they may have taken out.
Credit cards are the most convenient form of payment, and they are aggressively marketed to college students.Reportedly, a typical college student carries 4.6 credit cards and US $ 3,173 in credit card debt.
Credit cards seem to be a fact of life, not just student life. In the long term,  using a credit card properly and paying off the balance can help establish a card history and increase your credit score, which will come in handy when you need an important loan, for a house or car, for example.Your credit score can affect even unrelated things like insurance rates.Credit cards also offer more protection for users than debit cards(借记卡).Under federal law, the credit card holder is only responsible for the first US  $ 50in fraudulent(欺诈的) purchases in cases of theft or loss.However, debit card users are responsible for the first US $ 500.                                   
SallieMae found some good news in the fact that two thirds of students had discussed credit issues with their parents, but 84 percent said they needed more information.Those who didn't get any guidance were more likely to be surprised when they found out how much they owed.
While credit cards offer the easiest access to money, they make it easy to live outside your means.Less than a fifth of students surveyed paid off their balance every month, and carrying a balance brings finance charges, sometimes at a very high interest rates.
SallieMae found that almost 40 percent of students chose their first credit card based on direct mail, which is probably why students get credit card offers in the mail. But when the credit card offers flow in, be sure that you read the fine print.Offers of low or no interest rates can disappear, leaving you a debt that climbs beyond your ability to pay it off.
What does the first paragraph imply?

A.Most of the senior students are shocked to see how much they owed.
B.Students can only take out loans from credit cards.
C.Most of students' loans come from credit cards.
D.Credit cards have a bad effect on college students.

The underlined part "come in handy" in the third paragraph probably means “         ”

A.bring trouble B.make mistakes
C.be important D.be useful

According to SallieMae, what is the possible reason why students get so many credit card offers in the mail?

A.Many students' first credit card is based on direct mail.
B.it costs the banks little to mail out credit cards.
C.Students don't like to go to the bank to open a credit card account.
D.Banks have no other way to let students use their credit cards.

What is the theme of the third paragraph?

A.The advantages of using debit cards.
B.The similarities between credit cards and debit cards.
C.The advantages of using credit cards.
D.Credit cards are the most convenient form of payment.

According to SallieMae, how many students had not discussed credit issues with their parents?

A.l/3 B.2/3 C.l/4 D.3/4
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If cars had wings, they could fly and that just might happen, beginning in 2012.The company Terrafugia, based in Woburn, Massachusetts, says it plans to deliver its carplane, the Transition, to customers by the end of 2012.
“ It's the next ’wow’ vehicle,” said Terrafugia vice president Richard Gersh.“Anybody can buy a Ferrari, but as we say, Ferraris don't fly.”
The car plane has wings that unfold for flying-a process the company says takes one minute-and fold back up for driving. A runway is still required to take off and land.
The Transition is being marketed more as a plane that drives than a car that flies, although it is  both.The company has been working with FAA to meet aircraft regulations, and with the National High way Traffic Safety Administration to meet vehicle safety regulations.
The company is aiming to sell the Transition to private pilots as a more convenient and cheaper way to fly.They say it saves you the trouble of trying to find another mode of transportation to get to and from airports: You drive the car to the airport and then you're good to go.When you land, you fold up the wings and hit the road.There are no expensive parking fees because you don't have to store it at an air port-you park it in the garage at home.
The carplane is designed to fly primarily under 10,000 feet.It has a maximum takeoff weight of 1,430 pounds, including fuel and passengers.Terrafugia says the Transition reduces the potential for an accident by allowing pilots to drive under bad weather instead of flying into marginal(临界) conditions.
The Transition's price tag: $ 194,000.But there may be additional charges for options like a radio, transponder or GPS.Another option is a fullplane parachute.
“If you get into a very awful situation, it is the necessary safety option,”Gersh said.
So far, the company has more than 70 0rders with deposits. “We're working very closely with them,
but there are still some remaining steps, ” Brown said.
We can learn from the first paragraph that         

A.carplanes will be popular in 2012
B.people might drive a carplane in 2012
C.both Transition and Ferrari can take off and land
D.Richard Cersh is the vice president of Massachusetts

It takes the carplane one minute to          

A.fold and- unfold its wings B.unfold wings for flying
C.land in the airport D.meet flying safety regulations

According to the passage,  which of the following is NOT true?
A.The carplane needs a runway to take off and land.
B.To meet aircraft regulations, the company has been working with FAA.
C.The carplane may fly as high as normal planes.
D.People can park the carplane in the garage at their home.
The underlined word "it" in the last but one paragraph refers to          

A.the radio B.the transponder
C.the GPS D.the fullplane parachute

What's the best title for the passage?

A.Cars With Wings May Be Just Around The Comer
B.Which To Choose: A Ferrari Or A CarPlane?
C.A More Convenient And Cheaper Way To Fly
D.Cars With Wings Can Fly As Fast As Plane
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[ l ]On the 15th of each month, a classroom at Pointers Run Elementary School in Maryland is packed with volunteers Students like Campbell Snoddy collect food         ____________by students, parents and teachers from each classroom.Then, the children check to make sure the food isn't too old.After that, they sort it by category and put the cans and boxes into bags to be delivered to low -income senior citizens in the community.
[ 2 ] “I wanted to teach my daughter about charity.” says Julie Rosenthal, Who started the nonprofit program six years ago. "And I wanted to teach other kids in the community, too."
[ 3] Children make their deliveries around the 15th of the month when money from monthly Social
Security checks begins to run out and tough decisions between food and other needs have to be made.
[4 ] "I am on a fixed income and the food has helped me out considerably," says Linda Testennan, a food receiver.
[5 ] “ It was really fun, and it was great to make the senior citizens happy,” says Campbell. “ It was really cool.”
[6 ] Sofia Merkowitz, another Food on the 15th volunteer, agrees."I really liked it because it made me feel really good that people were so happy that they got food."
[7]Rosenthal says that is why she has children do more than fill a bag with donated food.        
[8 ] "We want the children to have firsthand experience delivering the food to the people so that they can get that feeling of really making a difference in somebody’s life, a positive difference."
[ 9] The program started with one school delivering 30 bags of groceries. It has grown each year, and now involves 10 schools and several churches.Food on the 15th has delivered more than12, 000 bags so far.Rosenthal's goal is to expand Food on the 15th across the country and around the world.
What is the passage mainly talking about? (no more than 10 words)
List three things that the students do with the food in the program "Food on the 15th" ( no more than 20 words)
Fill in the blank in the first paragraph with proper words to complete the sentence.( no more than 3 words)
On what purpose did Julie Rosenthal start the non - profit program? ( no more than 15 words)
What does the underlined word "it"  in Para 5 probably mean? ( no more than 6 words)

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某英语报社开辟了中学生习作专栏。本期的话题是:注重日常学习、工作和生活中的细节。因为细节往往决定成败。请你以“We Should Pay Much Attention to Details”为题,用英语写一篇短文,谈谈自己的一些看法。

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